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Imagine your business needs a new network. You could get your IT people to design and build it, but what happens if it all goes horribly wrong?

Or say you've already got a network and it crashes during the busiest part of the day - what do you do? Call Support, but what if he's busy, or off sick or just can't fix it?

In both cases the answer is depressingly simple: tempers fray, time is wasted and money is lost. Luckily it doesn't have to be this way.

Utopia are a remarkably bright bunch of people who design, build and maintain IT systems that never let you down. We're experts in providing small to medium sized businesses with highly professional, highly flexible IT Services. Working with Utopia means you get all the benefits of a large and highly skilled IT department without the huge financial commitment that usually entails. The result is a reliable, trouble free network that makes sense from both a financial and operational point of view.

In fact we can help you in two important ways: by increasing your productivity and improving your peace of mind. They seem like good reasons to keep reading.

A Utopia network environment is constructed with security and efficiency in mind, leaving you and your business with a hassle-free and stress-free environment.

What We Do

Case Studies

Key features of a Utopia network are:

  • Security via proven hardware and tight protocols
  • Reliability with continuous support and remote logging
  • Fixed Price or Time-Bank Support & Maintenance packages
  • Lease Options available

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